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Private join-stock company "Uklad", founded in 1991, manufactures filling and flush valves for different types of ceramic cisterns, as well as seats for the toilets. Products are maximally adapted to the operation conditions in Russia, meet Russian and international quality standards.

Attention to customer needs and careful quality control have enabled the company to become one of the leading suppliers of toilet equipment for ceramic manufacturers in Russia.

Modern equipment, advanced tool making and own design department allows company to expand and improve the range of products, considered in its development of market trends and new technological capabilities to respond quickly to customer requirements.

Производственное здание АО 'Теплоком' на Гаражном проезде

Production of the new inlet valve with the bottom waterconnection KН-57 is begun 2015. New valve is interchangeable with the KН-55 valve, but possesses a number of advantages. You can read about it in more detail here

At the beginning of 2017 "Uklad", an JSC company, started production of the first installation system which is completely made in Russia. The system allows to establish a suspended toilet bowl practically in any place of WC. The majority of installation elements are hidden behind a false wall, on a look there is only a push-button control panel. This type of installation has an esthetic appearance, provides economy of space, and also increases convenience of cleaning. Read about it in more detail here

Фото новости 1 As a set of all necessary for the equipment of bathrooms with toilet, JSC "Uklad" offers to equipment of installation system with suspended toilet "Elegance", produced on JSC "Kirov Ceramics", and a seat. Available to order are 3 options:
1. "Comfort" — with chrome button and a seat with soft closing;
2. "Standard" — with a chrome button and a seatэ with a mount made of stainless steel;
3. "Economy" — with a white plastic button and a seat with a plastic mount. Next →
Фото новости 2. To improve consumer properties of products, as well as focusing on retail customer, JSC "Uklad" offers a new package of complete sets of fittings and valves. In this kind of packaging is a transparent bag with the company logo. We have put on the package a label indicating the name, package contents and bar code. In addition, there is a carving in the upper part of the package for hanging the packages on the trading floor.