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Installation system СИ


System of installation in assembled form


Drawing of installation system . Face view


Drawing of an installation system . Left-side view. On the drawing elements (a false wall and a toilet bowl), out of scope deliveries are shown

The JSC company "Uklad" offers the first installation system made in Russia. A system allows you to set hanging toilet almost anywhere in a plumbing site. Most of elements of an installation system are hidden behind a false wall, seen are the control keypads only.The installation system has an aesthetic appearance, saves space, and increases the ease of cleaning.

The system of installation is completed with sanitary fittings which correspond to technical specifications 22.23.12-002-02903999-2016. Standard setting provides small drainage of 3 l, the complete drainage makes 6 l. There is an opportunity to increase the complete drainage to 8,5 l.

Main advantages:

Technical specifications

Range of working pressures, MPa 0,05–1
Time of tank filling with volume of 6 l, no more, than min 2,5
Level stability (a change of water level in case of a pressure change upon 0,1 MPa), no more, than mm 2,0
The established resource not less, thousand cycles 150
Fitting size G1/2-В
Small drain, l 3
Adjustable full drain, l 5,5…8,5


Non-demountable metal frame, plastic tank with the installed fittings (3/8 l), push-button knot, a set of fasteners to the wall, toilet fixing set, gasket between the wall and bowl, set of plugs and a template for installation, the instruction for installation.

Product code:



For a frame and a tank — 10 years;

For a flush and filling mechanism — 5 years.


five-layer corrugated cardboard box


for installation of wall mounted toilets.

The passport on installation and operation is available