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Polypropylene seats for toilet

Seats are made of high-quality materials, safe for health, correspond to a toilet bowl form, perfectly supplementing its appearance. Convenient fastening allows to establish quickly and to fix reliably seat in the optimal position. The delivery package, except the seat, includes fasteners, as well as a passport-instruction on installation and operation. Manufactured seats are certificated on compliance of GOST 15062-83 and have the sanitary and epidemiologic certificate. Warranty on all seats - 2 years.

There are a link to a video instructions on assembling and installing the seat on our website. The possibility of using seats with specific types of toilet bowls can get help by the"Table of the applicability of seats" (see below). More detailed descriptions of seats are placed in the printed catalog, which you can order from us or download from the link.

The fastening type for those toilet bowls which names are placed in the applicability table are specified in the description of seats. As a rule, it is permissible to use other fasteners. We ask to consult with specialists of commercial department in phone or e-mail at emergence of such need. It will allow to complete seats with fastenings taking into account your wishes. It is also possible to choose color of a seat at will of the customer.

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