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Video with assembly instructions
To start playing the video instructions, left click on the link, that interests you. After a pause, during witch the top of the video instructions loaded into the player, starts playing the video. In that case, if the Internet connection is not fast enough, during playback pause will occur. Then before viewing pre-load the video instructions to the computer.
To save a movie on your computer, right-click on the appropriate link. From the shortcut menu, select "Save As...". In the pop-up dialog box "Save As", select the folder in wich to store the downloaded file and click "Save". After pressing the keys "Ctrl" + "J" an info window appears with the indicator by wich You can monitor the load. After the download is complete open the saved file to play.
Video instructions on assembly and installation of valves, 32MB Video instructions on assembly and installation of valves with two-level flush valve АСД 77.00.00, 60MB Video instructiona on assembly and installation of seats, 16MB
Video instructions on assembly of installation system, 430MB